After the summer of 2012 a trio cd with Reinier Baas, Hans van Oosterhout and Stefan Lievestro will be released. A sample of the recording will posted here well before that.. 

Jasper Blom is working on a new cd - will keep you posted. 

Check out the latest releases of Reinier Baas (More Socially Relevant Jazz Music) and Michiel Stekelenburg (Hypnos).

Congrats to Michiel Stekelenburg who is selected for North Sea Jazz 2013! Again a well deserved recognition on his debut Hypnos. Check him out on July 13. Read more...

Out now: Jorn Swart - a DAY IN THE LIFE OF bORIZ

Edison Nomination 2013 for Reinier Baas - 'Mostly Improvised Instrumental Indie Music'!!!


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